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Carrier-Neutral Collocation Services

We can provide you with a carrier-neutral data centre which goes beyond providing you with space and facilities for your IT infrastructure (applications & content). It also provides you with easy connectivity to the widest choice of carriers (Fixed & Mobile), ISPs, Internet Exchanges, Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) and other network service providers to build your communication networks to deliver the optimum end user experience. 

These connectivity providers effectively form a "connectivity hub" which is an ideal location for companies who need access to a variety of connectivity services.

A truly carrier-neutral data centre provider is entirely independent of any network, hardware or software vendor. Because it has no affiliation to any one partner, it can attract the widest range of connectivity providers into its facility. That means you have a real choice of providers who are all competing to deliver the best performance, service and price for your applications and content.

The connectivity providers will already have their physical PoPs (points of presence) and routers installed in the data centre, allowing you to connect quickly and easily. You can access a range of services, including: IP Transit and peering, IP VPN, mobile connectivity, High Speed Ethernet Services and CDN services.

Depending on your business needs, you can opt to use multiple carriers to build in redundancy and ensure resilience, or simply to get the right performance at the right price. As your needs change, you can move from one provider to another within the data centre with minimal disruption.

At Interxion, our Connectivity Hubs will also ensure that you have access to the right carriers to meet your needs, whether that’s type of connectivity, geographical coverage or segment-specific services.

These Connectivity Hubs foster Communities of Interest, formed of groups of sector-specific companies.  They derive benefit from being colocated close to one another as it provides them with the opportunity to connect and transact with other community members and customers. 


18 Oct, 18

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