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IP eXchange

Next Generation Technology is revolutionising the Voice Marketplace......

But it's still vital that the VoIP services you offer can interface with fixed line, international and mobile networks. That's why we created IP Exchange. It's a world-class clearing house solution that makes switching calls between Next Generation and Legacy Services easy for you – and invisible to your customers.

It's more than just Data !

A Simple Solution with no Major set-up Costs

Our IP Exchange provides you with access to an International Gateway/Hub to be used to connect between your Mobile or Fixed Network and your partners, whether they have a Traditional TDM Network or a Next Generation  IP Network. It fully supports Voice and IP routing as well as Cascaded billing designed for all National and International Numbering Systems and includes options to include or exclude non-geographic, mobile and freephone numbers. What's more, it does it all totally seamlessly. Your customers won't notice any degradation in call quality or service availability whats more is they are more likely to notice and improved call quality.

Our IP Exchange offers compliance with the new GSMA standards for implementation of IP Exchanges and it is remarkably affordable because there are no major set-up costs for you to absorb. You no longer need to buy expensive media gateways and pay for collocation and IPL's in other countries to connect with the Local PSTN or your international partners because our network is Global and it is based on ethernet, it's far better value than TDM interconnects – not to mention supports higher call volumes.

Opening up a World of Opportunity

Our IP Exchange empowers you to take full advantage of Next Generation Networking both Ethernet and VoIP integrating it with your traditional voice services – all without major capital investment. A simple, scalable interoperability solution, it means being able to offer your customers cost and time saving IP Voice Services in the context of a mixed economy that includes fixed line and mobile networks. It's also a link to the future, connecting you with an exciting world of emerging technologies, such as HD voice and HD video.

Why IPX Voice?

Well it was our name before it became an standards based International Service we would like to think it was our idea but will settle for being forward thinkers and our service has an excellent track record in providing resilient communications and our interoperability speaks volumes for itself. We're focused on your needs and always work hard to deliver integrated, practical solutions that help you take your business forward confidently and profitably. Our IP Exchange is no exception, with excellent quality of service, robust fault monitoring and 99.99% service availability.

With our simple, cost-effective GSMA standards compliant VoIP interconnectivity. We make it all possible.

Find out more....

To find out more about how IP Exchange can help you integrate VoIP with traditional voice services, use the contact us page to email us or  arrange a callback. You can also call us on 0203 348 8700.

18 Oct, 18


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